Whether you’ll need future water heater repair or replacement largely depends on the condition of the device’s anode rod. The anode rod performs similarly to an HVAC air filter, and it traps corrosive particles before they can damage the inside of the water heater. Use the following guide to learn more about the anode rod and why a plumber should routinely check it.

What Should Homeowners Know About Anode Rods?

What They Are & Why They’re Important

The anode rod is made from aluminum or magnesium. It is located on the surface of a water heater and is often attached to the hot water outlet line.

Lexington Kentucky water heater repairFrom iron to limestone, there are various minerals in a home’s water supply. If these substances are left to float around in the water heater tank, the particles will corrode the lining. As a result, the tank could rust and leak, leading to water damage inside the house. You may also have to spend money on a water heater replacement.

The anode rod acts like a magnet, attracting these particles so they don’t attack the tank. Instead, the minerals corrode the rod.

Common Signs a Rod Needs to Be Replaced

Since the anode rod is meant to corrode, it will need to be replaced once every four to six years. If you have hard water, you might need to replace the rod more often because high levels of iron and other minerals present will corrode the equipment faster.

Whether the anode rod is aluminum or magnesium also impacts its life expectancy. Aluminum rods are more frequently installed in water tanks and last longer than their magnesium counterparts. However, magnesium rods are lauded for their performance abilities. 

A water heater repair specialist should check the condition of the anode rod every three years. When a new rod is installed, its diameter is measured at around 3/4 of an inch. The rod will eventually corrode to the point that only a fine wire is left, requiring a replacement.


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