Vinyl records have a warm, natural sound quality that digital mediums can’t match, which is why many music fans and collectors prefer them. However, vinyl is also vulnerable to damage from scratches, warping, and oils. When properly cared for, records can preserve the music you love for decades. Learn about a few do’s and don’ts you should know to keep your record collection in excellent condition.


Store records sideways.

If you store your records horizontally, or stacked like plates, over time, the pressure will crush the albums on the bottom, flattening their grooves and making them unlistenable. Always store records on their edges. Many record collectors invest in special-purpose shelving designed with enough space to store records upright.

Use the inner sleeves.

vinyl recordsThe outer cover protects an album from impact and makes it easy to identify, but the inner sleeve is key to maintaining the vinyl.

If they are not stored in sleeves, records can get worn down from sliding against their covers and will be more vulnerable to dings and scratches.


Keep them in a hot room.

Vinyl is durable, but it does get softer in warm environments, which can lead to warped records. Warping can give an album an unpleasant wobbly sound or make it impossible to play.

To preserve your vinyl records, never leave them in a garage, attic, storage unit, or area that isn’t climate-controlled.

Touch the playing surface.

Even clean hands will transfer oil and grease that allow dirt and grime to collect in a record’s grooves. Over time, this accumulation can dull the sound quality of your collection and even damage the stylus of your turntable. If you do accidentally touch the surface of an album, clean it off with a lint-free cloth before putting it away.


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