Buying pre-owned vinyl records is an excellent way to grow your collection without breaking the bank. However, you may end up surprised by the vast differences in resale pricing. While some records grow in worth, others depreciate over time. Here's a look at the top factors that affect value. 

3 Factors That Impact the Resale Value of Vinyl Records

1. Artist 

Staying power is an essential component of record pricing. A popular artist that still has fans today, also have a larger buying pool, so the demand for their products is higher. As a result, their records are more profitable, so the price is higher than lesser-known or less accomplished musicians. 

Additionally, the specific title impacts demand. Not all releases from the same artist are created equal. There are always ones that are more beloved by fans than others. The popularity of an album is often associated with a higher price point at record shops

2. Availability

vinyl recordsSupply is another key factor in a vinyl records resale. The fewer products there are on the market, the higher the item is valued. Special features also play into this sentiment, as a sealed or limited edition record, along with the presence of an autograph, may make the item rare and desired by collectors. In such cases, the resale price reflects the product's scarcity. 

3. Condition

No one wants to buy a record that can't be played. For that reason, the products are valued higher if they're free of scratches. Resellers also consider the condition of the label, setting higher rates for damage-free items. The state of the cover is another factor in the pricing process, as buyers prefer the aesthetic of clean, non-broken, or bent exteriors. 

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