When planning a new roof installation, material selection is an important aspect to consider. The right materials ensure longevity and protect other home components by preventing leaks and air loss. Architectural shingles are a great selection, thanks to the many inherent benefits they afford. Here's what you should know about them so that you can make the best decision for your home. 

A Brief Guide to Architectural Shingles

1. What's the difference between conventional and architectural shingles? 

Conventional and architectural shingles both contain asphalt. However, architectural types are made from multiple asphalt layers with a sturdy base mat, while regular asphalt versions only have one layer. Sometimes referred to as dimensional or laminated, architectural shingles are available in many shapes and designs, unlike the uniform appearance of conventional shingles. This allows them to mimic the appearance of other roofing systems, such as wood shakes or slate tiles. 

2. How do they impact curb appeal?

roof installation

Many homeowners prefer this material because of the design variety. Along with looking like more expensive roofing systems, these shingles are also available in a multitude of colors. That means they can suit many different home styles, regardless of paint or siding color. Their more intricate design also enhances visual interest.

3. Do they offer greater durability?

The multi-layer construction and the sturdier base mat mean these roofing systems generally offer greater longevity. They're resistant to high winds, rain, and sun exposure that can wear down a roof over time. They're also treated with a fire-resistant coating that can spare your home massive damage. With the right maintenance, a new roof installation can last as long as 30 years. 

4. What maintenance is required?

Scheduling roof inspections twice per year allows you to identify and fix minor problems before they get bigger. If you notice any defects between inspections, arrange for repairs right away. Ensure gutters are cleared of debris to prevent pooling water on the roof. Surrounding trees should be trimmed to prevent leaves and branches from falling on top of your home.


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