Knowing how to spot problems with a roof can save you a lot of hassle and money. By watching for trouble, you can quickly get the roofing help you need and avoid letting minor issues spiral into expensive repairs. If you start to notice any of these red flags, it could be time to plan a roof replacement. 

Warning Signs That Call for Roof Replacement

1. Granule Loss

Without their coarse granular covering, shingles quickly lose much of their protective capability. If your roof leaks, the water will damage your home and lead to other serious roofing problems. Check your gutters for granule deposits, or gently shake your downspout’s splash pan while listening for a rattle. If granules are present in either location, consult with a roofing contractor.

2. Algae Growth

Algae can sometimes eat away at the weatherproofing properties of a roof. As the algae erode your shingles, more of your home will be exposed to the elements. If all the shingles on your roof have been compromised by the growth of this organism, a full roof replacement may be necessary.

3. Ice Dams

roofingIce dams—shelves of ice near the gutter of a roof that prevent water from draining properly—are troubling enough on their own, but they’re also often a sign of other issues. When the air in an attic is significantly warmer than the temperature outside because of insufficient ventilation, ice dams may form. Replacing a roof with one that has a ridge vent is often required to fix ice-damming issues.


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