Whether you’ve been traveling internationally or enjoying the waters in a nearby lake, you may be interested in scuba diving. Because this activity is dependent on equipment, you need to have proper training before you dive. Thankfully, earning a scuba certification is an easily accessible, straightforward process. 

5 Steps to Receiving a Scuba Certification

1. Research the Institutions

Before signing up for any classes, confirm whether the program and instructors have the appropriate qualifications. The most commonly used curriculum around the world is designed by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI); when you see a PADI certified school, you can trust that program is comprehensive.

2. Learn Theory

scuba certificationOnce you’ve found the right school, you can begin lessons. Whether you opt for in-person group classes or the online route, you’ll be learning all about the physics of diving, how the equipment works, and proper diving procedures. Bear in mind, you must know all this before you get in the water!

3. Start in Confined Waters

After learning the fundamentals of scuba diving, you’ll start practicing them in a confined body of water. Usually, this is a pool or a small, calm beach. This portion will cover tasks like setting up the gear, getting in and out of the water, navigating, and various other safety procedures.

4. Move to Open Waters

Following the requisite hours in the pool or confined beach, you'll move onto the open water. It’s comprised of four dives. Depending on the program and your skill level, this can be completed in two days. While this can be done quickly, there’s no time limit; all students can work at their own pace.

5. Receive a C-Card

If you’ve passed the open water portion, you’ve officially earned a scuba certification! To acknowledge and commemorate your efforts, you’ll receive a C-card, which proves you’ve done the work and can now scuba dive wherever you want without needing supervision.


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