If you have plans to go scuba diving, you might be getting nervous about it. Between learning about your scuba gear to getting up close to marine life, your first dive can be overwhelming. Follow these tips to remain calm and make the most of the experience.

How to Stay Calm While Scuba Diving

1. Go With A Dive Professional

As with any adventure, scuba diving can cause some anxiety. Under the supervision of a dive professional, you can ease your anxiety knowing your Instructor or Divemaster is looking out for your best interests. You will feel more at ease when you can ask questions about the dive ahead of time. Diving with someone who knows the area will allow you to have more fun because they can point out the most interesting creatures and features of the dive site. Your Instructor or Divemaster is well trained and will ensure your dive goes as smoothly as possible allowing you to stay calm and focused on having a great time.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Your Gear

Scuba gearThe more you get to know your scuba gear and how it works, the more comfortable you'll be using it. Scuba gear is what keeps you safe beneath the surface of the water. If you are renting gear, take the time to review how everything works, as there can be minor differences from brand to brand. Owning your own equipment allows you the comfort of knowing everything is the same, and gives you the ability to test everything before your trip to ensure it is working properly. Diving the same equipment every time allows you to build muscle memory and ease your mind.

3. Don’t Push Yourself

Once you're underwater, you're free to explore the beautiful ocean and marine life. However, it's important to remain at a level where you feel most comfortable. Even if the people in your group are exploring areas deeper than you, that's okay. Know your limits, and stay within them! Don't feel pressure to ignore your instincts just to keep up with other people. 


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