If your property features a septic system, you need to keep up with the weather report. Heavy rain can seriously impact the septic drain field and tank without the right precautions and maintenance. Here, the experienced team at Baldwin Septic Tanks in Seminole, AL, explains how heavy rains affect your septic system and what you can do to prevent costly damage.

How Rainfall Impacts Your Septic System & What You Can Do About It

Draining, Backup & Contamination Issues

When heavy rain soaks your septic drain field and the surrounding areas, wastewater cannot flow out of the tank. This blockage causes water to accumulate in the tank and eventually back up into your plumbing system. Wastewater appears in toilets and drains and can overflow onto household surfaces and spread dangerous bacteria and chemicals.

septic systemBackups may also occur when your septic system drain field clogs with debris. Severe rain frequently washes dirt, gravel, and plant waste into drain fields, causing additional clogging problems and plumbing backup issues.

Clogged drain fields risk groundwater contamination because wastewater cannot drain properly. This can also cause contamination in nearby streams, rivers, and lakes, as wastewater pools on the surface of the drain field and flows into waterways instead of completing its filtering process.

Prevention & Maintenance Tips

Schedule septic tank pumping prior to heavy rainfall, as overloaded tanks increase the backup risk. You will also need to clean your gutter system and ensure the downspouts direct the flow of water away from your drain field to keep the area as dry as possible. Do not place heavy machinery or drive vehicles over the field, as it causes soil impaction and reduces drainage.

Decrease your water usage during rainfall periods, especially if you can’t commission septic tank pumping or you notice signs of backup. Limit your use of appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher, flush your toilet less, and take fewer or shorter showers. If you think you have a plumbing issue once the rain is over, contact your local septic system experts as soon as possible.

Maintain your septic system with professional help from Baldwin Septic Tanks. The company offers over 45 years of experience and provides a comprehensive range of cleaning, maintenance, and repair services, including 24/7 emergency repairs. Call (251) 946-3250 to schedule septic tank pumping or visit the website for service details.