While you might have your shoe size or even foot measurements memorized, the shoes you buy won’t always fit perfectly. Ill-fitting shoes often lead to foot and heel pain over time, so find a better pair if your shoes cause any of the following issues.

How to Tell When You Have the Wrong Shoes

1. Tight Fit

One of the most obvious signs of an improperly sized shoe is tightness. A pinched or tight feeling anywhere around your foot means you need to go up a size or two. To ensure you get the right fit while shopping, walk around the store in both shoes to test their spacing and flexibility.

2. Bruises & Blisters

A good pair of shoes shouldn't injure you. Unfortunately, if a specific part of the shoe is too tight or narrow, it can rub against your feet as you walk or run. This will cause bruises, blisters, and calluses, which means you may need to size up or look for a wider version.

3. Pain or Irritation

heel pain

You may think you need to bear some discomfort for the sake of your look, but it isn't worth the aches and pains you could be feeling for days after taking the shoes off. From flat flip-flops that offer no arch support to high stilettos that place excess pressure on your leg muscles and joints, many types of shoes can cause foot, arch, and heel pain.

4. Walking Differences

Unless you pay close attention to your posture, you likely won't notice how you walk until it changes. Your walk generally shouldn't differ whether you're barefoot or wearing shoes, so if you can feel a difference, the shoes are probably straining your spine.

5. Wear & Tear

With constant and sometimes rough contact against the ground, shoes will wear down over time. Once they begin to show damage, they may not provide the support your feet need. Creases, holes, and smoothed out ridges on the soles are signs it's time to retire a pair of shoes.


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