Proper snowmobile maintenance will keep the vehicle running season after season. Oil changes are particularly important, as it lubricates the engine and keeps moving components cool. This guide explains how often you should be changing the oil on your vehicle and the best type to use.

When Should Oil Changes Occur?

There are a few rival theories on the frequency of oil changes, so check your owner's manual first. In most cases, oil changes are recommended 500 miles after the purchase and then every 2,500 miles afterward. Change the oil filter at the same time to stop dirt and debris from getting into the engine. 


If your snowmobile has been in storage for a few months, it's best to perform maintenance at the beginning of the season. This will prevent any condensation in the oil tank from wearing down the engine. 

What Type of Oil Should I Use in My Snowmobile?

Typically, you’ll need to select either a 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine oil, depending on the type of power source your vehicle uses. When it comes to 4-stroke engines, full-synthetic OW-40 oils are considered the standard, unless an OW-30 or 5W-50 is called for in the owner's manual. 

For comparison, both OW-40 and OW-30 perform very well in cold temperatures, but OW-40 has a slight advantage at higher temperatures. However, OW-30 is considered more efficient because it has a lower viscosity. As for 5W-50, it offers enhanced protection against friction and overall wear. 

When it comes to 2-stroke snowmobiles, there are many varieties, including fuel-injected, carbureted, and fan-cooled, so engine oil is designed specifically for each variety. No matter what type you must use, make sure it's full-synthetic to protect against cold temperatures when riding. 


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