A snowmobile can dramatically transform your appreciation for cold weather. While your recreational activities may have once been limited to skiing and sledding, you can add riding on snow or ice to the list thanks to this versatile vehicle. Before you decide on the right model, it’s helpful to know the differences between them. Here are three you should know.

What Types of Snowmobiles Are Available?

1. Trail

The trail model is among the most popular, largely because it’s a user-friendly option for both novices and experienced riders. Think of it as a basic option that provides the best of all worlds. 

It’s ideal for navigating snowy terrain in comfort, but it also offers a speedier, more nimble option that can transform the ride into a sportier experience. They’re lightweight and fairly straightforward to maneuver, and they feature durable suspensions that absorb shock. That allows riders to be a little adventurous in their riding if they wish.

2. Sport Trail


If you find that you favor sporty, speedy operation, you might consider upgrading to a sport trail model. Like the original trail vehicle, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. The key difference is that its suspension is even hardier, allowing it to deftly handle trickier terrains. 

They also drive faster, and offer a more agile, flexible ride than the standard trail version. While it won’t navigate especially deep, powdery snow with ease, it’s ideal for the relatively aggressive driver who wants something that supports their hopes for a more robust ride.

3. Touring

Touring snowmobiles make a suitable option for those who prefer a more leisurely ride. Think of these as luxury vehicles. They can drive for miles without any trouble, and they’re often equipped with extras that set them apart from their counterparts. 

They have plenty of cargo space, for example, and they may have heated seats, backrests, and audio systems. Because it’s longer and leaner than trail models, it’s less nimble and speedy. Instead, it provides a smooth, calm ride.


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