When the temperatures get colder and the snow starts to fall, it’s time to break out the snowmobiles for traversing and fun. However, if the machine is sitting for months on end in a shed or garage, it can cause engine corrosion. Below, learn what to look for and how to fix any potential issues.

Check the Fuel & Lines

If you attempt to start your snowmobile and nothing happens, check the fuel tank. The fuel may have evaporated, and you might be running on empty. Or, if there is fuel in the tank, it’s probably from last season. It may be stale and sludgy, so replace it with fresh fuel and try again. If it’s still not starting, make sure the fuel lines are clear, unblocked, and securely connected.

Replace the Spark Plugs

If your fuel and lines all look healthy and the engine still won’t start, you may have to replace your snowmobile’s spark plugs. Gather your socket wrench, extension, and drive head. Remove the hood of the machine to expose the engine, unscrew the old spark caps, and use your tools to replace the old spark plugs with new models. 

Check the Cylinders & Gaskets

snowmobilesThis fix might be as simple as tightening the cylinder nuts, looking over the gaskets, and replacing any damaged parts. Or, if that doesn’t do the trick, check your cylinders with a compression tester. If it’s something more serious, like a worn-out piston ring or a bad crank seal, it’s best to contact your local snowmobile or ski-doo store for service.

Maintain the Engine’s Efficiency 

Best practices for maintaining your machine include letting it warm up to at least 100º before getting it out on the snow. This allows enough time for the coolant to circulate completely through the engine. Also, use high-quality fuel and oil to avoid damaging your pistons or causing overheating.


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