School has already started for many children, and getting into the swing of things after a long summer off can be challenging. Not only does their schedule change, but they also have new responsibilities to handle every day. With some preparation, you can make this transition smooth for your child to get them ready for the upcoming year of learning.

3 Ways to Get Ready for School 

1. Readjust Schedules

SchoolSummer schedules can get pretty relaxed. Bedtimes get later and sleeping in becomes a standard part of the day.  Wake them up a little earlier each morning to gradually get closer to the time they’ll need to be up for school. This small daily adjustment will make waking up on the first day much more manageable. 

2. Set up a Homework Station

If you don’t have a homework station, now is the time to start thinking about creating one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a functional space for your child to be able to spread their papers or books out and get work done. Get them involved in assisting in creating the workspace to help get them into the school mindset. Choose a quiet place in the house and set up a desk or table and chairs. Stock the area with pencils, paper, and a computer. Make sure the computer, and preferably a printer, are up and running before the first day to avoid any last-minute complications when school starts. 

3. School Shopping

Even if your kids aren’t excited about the first day of class, they’ll likely enjoy back-to-school shopping. Check your child’s supply list and compare it to what you already have, then create a game plan. Before your shopping trip, it’s helpful to go through some of their older belongings to make room for the new stuff. Donate or sell clothes they’ve outgrown since the last year and get rid of old and damaged school supplies they won’t be using, like backpacks with tears or used notebooks. During this time, keep an eye out for Back to School sales, so you get the best deals on the things your kids need. 


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