Children learn at a rapid pace when they are young. As parents, it can be beneficial to figure out the way your son or daughter absorbs information best, so you can try to base future lessons around this. You might also consider enrolling them in private school once they reach kindergarten age since the small classes allow teachers to better cater to the individual needs of their students.

What Learning Styles Are Common?

1. Auditory

Auditory learners rely heavily on the spoken word. Typically, these children benefit the most when placed in lectures or group discussions that involve thinking through an idea with their peers. You might notice that your child likes to say their thought process out loud when coming to a decision.

2. Visual

These students can grasp complex ideas and concepts when they’re broken down into steps accompanied by pictures. They will also be quick to grasp charts and maps. When possible, teach them using physical examples. Have them practice counting, addition, and subtraction on chocolate chips or jelly beans. Teach them the names of body parts by pointing at your own eyes, nose, and ears.

3. Written

private schoolSome students learn best when information is presented in the form of words. These students usually enjoy books and do well on written assignments. A quality private school will be able to help your child with this type of learning by giving them all the resources and tools they need to succeed.

4. Tactile

If your child is a physical learner, they prefer physical touch as a way of gathering information. Sitting still for long periods does not benefit the tactile learner and may even stifle their progress. Private schools will engage them better by letting them build and take apart objects, paint or draw their feelings, or mix substances to see how they will react.

5. Logical

Logical learners do their best when reason and mathematics are involved. This type of learner often thrives on routine and develops his or her own way of studying. The logical learner can relate information and content to one another and may enjoy solving brainteasers or puzzles regularly.


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