Having good vision is paramount to helping your child succeed in school. Students need to see the board and look at papers with clear vision. If your child is dealing with poor vision, it can impede their concentration and make learning a frustrating and difficult experience. To better understand the impact of clear sight on a child’s academic success, below are answers to some common questions. 

What Are Some Common Vision Problems?

Nearsightedness is common in children. A nearsighted child may be able to see objects close to them but have difficulty identifying objects that are farther away. Another common problem is amblyopia, which is also sometimes called “lazy eye.”

When one eye has poorer vision than the other, it can interfere with the brain’s signals and cause it to favor one over the other. Lastly, strabismus is a condition that is also referred to as crossed eyes. It can occur when the eyes are misaligned. If left untreated, it can cause vision problems in children. 

What Indicates That a Child Has a Vision Problem?

Children don’t always know when they have a problem with their vision or may not know how to express it. Luckily, visiting the optometrist regularly can prevent any issues from arising. In between visits, however, be on the lookout for some common signs of vision problems.

schoolThese include tilting the head, sitting too close to the TV, squinting, trouble seeing the board at school, and difficulty reading. If you notice any of these signs, schedule an appointment with the optometrist. 

How to Keep Your Child’s Vision Healthy

Instilling good habits when it comes to eye health can help to improve or maintain a child’s vision and help them to succeed in school. This includes scheduling routine eye exams and wearing protective eyewear. For example, get your child high-quality sunglasses and make sure they wear them, especially when it’s bright out. 

Also, make sure they aren’t sitting too close to the TV. This can not only be a sign of poor eye health but can also degrade visual health over time. Finally, if they have a prescription for glasses or contacts, make sure they put it to good use. If they wear glasses, teach them how to clean the lenses and store them in their case when they’re not in use.


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