Understanding Spanish will open new horizons for your child, allowing them to speak with people all over the world. While children pick up languages much more easily than adults, it takes more than classes in school for them to develop fluency and confidence in their Spanish skills. Below are a few do’s and don’ts for helping your children learn this fascinating language.


Watch Spanish-language videos online.

Videos on the internet can be a fantastic resource for anyone learning another language, giving you access to native speakers, nursery rhymes, and even TV shows from around the world. Depending on your child’s skill level, you can start with Spanish versions of simple songs, children’s shows, and cartoons they already know.

Speak Spanish at home.

schoolWhether you’re a native Spanish speaker or learned it as a second language, use it in the home as much as possible. Children absorb languages like sponges, so hearing you speak Spanish with friends or family members will them process the information they learn in school.


Be intimidated by the language.

Many parents think that because they didn’t learn Spanish as a child, they’ll never be able to develop proficiency later in life. Fortunately, this isn’t remotely true, so don’t be afraid to lead by example and start learning yourself. Setting aside time for you and your child to learn together can help keep both of you on track.

Trust in classroom instruction alone.

The classroom is a great place to learn the mechanics of a language, but developing mastery takes real-world exposure and practice. Even the best school can’t replace the experience of engaging with the language and using it daily.


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