Learning to talk is a critical component of early childhood development, largely because it allows kids to engage with and learn about the world around them. However, many children struggle with speech, and many parents have a difficult time teaching their little ones to speak properly. Here is a little more information about how to improve your child’s vocabulary. 

How to Expose Your Child to More Words

1. Avoid Babytalk

Although it may be tempting to talk to your young children in a sweet voice, some forms of baby talk can disrupt your child’s ability to learn speech and may restrict their vocabulary. Making up words when you speak to your child could confuse them and delay their early childhood development. To avoid problems, use your normal voice with your child from a young age and use real names for different items. 

2. Read To Your Kids

early childhood developmentReading to children also increases their vocabulary, especially when they can correlate new words to pictures in books. As you read to your kids, talk about new words, what they mean, and where on the written page the word is listed. As you go through your daily routine, talk about new words your child encounters and how they relate to other concepts. 

3. Label Items in Your Home

To introduce your child to reading and new vocabulary at the same time, label things throughout your house by writing with a black marker on 3x5 cards. Make sure your writing is large and legible, and say the word throughout the day with your child, while referring to the card. This simple early childhood development technique could help your little ones to master basic vocabulary quickly. 


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