Young children are in a near-constant state of change and development. Every new experience impacts them physically, mentally, and emotionally, and the arts can play a key role. These early childhood development programs can have a lasting impact on children, so keep the following in mind if you’re exploring preschools with an art curriculum.

How Art Programs Can Affect Young Children

1. Develop Motor Skills

Regardless of how talented or imaginative of an artist your child is, they’re going to benefit physically from making art. Using crayons, pencils, paintbrushes, and other tools helps develop fine motor skills. Children will also improve hand-eye coordination, making tasks like tying their shoes or working with small items easier.

2. Promote Self-Expression & Creativity

early childhood developmentArt invites children to express themselves and tap into their imagination. A piece of paper and crayons can turn into a complex portrait of something they love, like a pet. Shaking a tambourine could result in a unique song or melody. Having access to these tools invites them to explore and express themselves through art.

3. Develop Social Skills

Children in art classes learn from and teach one another, which aids in social development. They learn to share, ask questions, and help, which are skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Research has shown that children in art programs are more likely to show advanced social skills and reduced anxiety and aggression.

4. Improve Critical Thinking

Problem-solving may not be the first term you associate with art classes, but it plays a critical role. Children will have to try various color combinations to achieve a desired result. They may find differences between using paints, colored pencils, and crayons, or discover how colors change when you press down harder. These critical-thinking challenges will help them plan, adapt, and follow through with a vision, which is helpful in many aspects of life.


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