Introducing your child to the concept of school can be challenging. When dropping them off at a preschool program, they might struggle with separation anxiety. While this is normal, it can be difficult to handle when your child cries every time you leave. Here are a few tricks that can prepare them for the school day.

How to Drop Your Child Off at School Without Hassle

1. Enforce Healthy Habits

Young children feel better when they get enough sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast. If you haven’t already, enforce a bedtime that will allow your child to get a minimum of ten hours of sleep.

Wake them up in the morning early enough to eat a healthy breakfast that will give them an energy boost. These habits can help your child feel better and calmer, preparing them for a smoother transition into the school day.

2. Distract Them 

preschool programYour child’s teacher has likely encountered plenty of wary children who struggle with separation anxiety. Work together to distract your child right when they enter the classroom.

The teacher can immediately immerse them in an activity, whether it’s coloring a picture or singing a morning song. Once they’re fully involved and having fun, parting with them will be easier.

3. Demonstrate Positivity

If you’re nervous or stressed, your child will mirror those emotions. Act calm and cheerful, even if you’re frazzled on the inside.

Talk to your child about the fun activities they might do that day to get them excited. When dropping them off, act as casual as possible. Give them a sweet goodbye without making a big deal about it. This will help your child stay relaxed.


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