As your child develops, enrolling them in a preschool program is a smart way to help them become more independent, make new friends, and prepare for educational success. If your child is nearing school age, use this guide to learn more about a few qualities you should look for when deciding which program is the best fit.

What to Look for When Choosing a Preschool Program

1. Order & Cleanliness

While all kids make messes, reputable programs will have established methods they use to encourage children to clean up after themselves, like clean-up songs or reward systems. An orderly classroom indicates kids are under control and are being taught responsibility.

Additionally, the facility should be clean and well-kept. A messy building could mean the preschool is understaffed.

2. Happy Kids

Preschool programIn general, the kids and staff of the preschool program you choose should look happy, enthusiastic, and relaxed. While individual children might have tough days every now and then, the majority of the students should be interacting and participating in activities.

Visit on a normal day to get a feel for the classroom and ask the kids what they enjoy most about their school.

3. Consistent Discipline

The rules at some schools may be laxer than at others. Choose a preschool whose philosophy about discipline is similar to yours. Consistency is important for helping children establish healthy boundaries. Behavioral limits and consequences for misbehavior should be similar both at home and at school.


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