Graduating from kindergarten to elementary school is an important transition in your child’s life, as the routines and expectations will differ from their earlier school experiences. Luckily, there are many ways to support your child through this time and encourage their growth and development. Learn more about how you can set your young one up for success with this helpful guide.

3 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

1. Attend Back-To-School & Orientation Events

Having your child meet their teachers and peers before school starts will ease some of the anxiety they might feel and can help them make friends. They’ll also get familiarized with the layout of the school, and you’ll both get an idea of what to expect from the school curriculum.

If your child has any questions about the school, the teachers, or what the new routine will be, you can discuss them to help your child feel prepared.

2. Help With Schoolwork

elementary schoolThe schoolwork in elementary school will be a little more challenging and involved, and your child may start having homework assignments to complete.

If your child has questions about the homework, set aside time to look at it with them and help them understand the assignment. You should also look at their work after they’ve finished and ask about any places they struggled.

3. Talk to Your Child About School

Keep an open dialogue with your child about their experiences at school. Ask about their favorite classes, which teachers they like and why, and if they’ve had any issues.

You should also talk to your child about the friends they’ve made and show an interest in meeting them. This builds your relationship with your child and helps you support their educational and social growth.


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