The transition to any new living environment can be daunting, so it should come as no surprise that some seniors resist the idea of assisted living at first. Yet, there may come a time when it becomes necessary for your loved one to be in an environment where they have access to round-the-clock care. If they’ve refused to listen, there are a few ways to help them understand your perspective.

How to Help a Loved One Who Has Resisted Assisted Living

What Are Their Concerns?

Your loved one may feel as if a switch to assisted living will force them to give up all independence. Or, they may worry about seeing friends and family less often. To know what’s holding them back, you must identify their concerns. Invite them to share their reservations and take the time to listen and understand each one. Then, at the right time, calmly offer solutions or explanations for each.

Could You Take It One Step at a Time?

assisted livingIn many cases, the conversation about assisted living needs to be revisited numerous times before a senior agrees wholeheartedly. If you can, consider recruiting siblings or other family members to convince your loved one. Once they warm to the idea even slightly, don’t rush into the transition. From discussing facilities to financial considerations, everything can be approached slowly to avoid overwhelming your loved one.

Can You Include Them in the Decision?

Finally, give them a say in the process. If possible, invite them to tour facilities with you and have them come up with a reasonable list of must-have qualities for their new home. By taking their priorities into consideration, you’ll find a match that works perfectly for the whole family.


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