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2815 2nd Ave., #105, Seattle, WA 98121

About Seattle Custom Framing

Having a piece of art or memorabilia framed is a great way to showcase the work without losing its integrity. Frames not only preserve the piece, they can add a whole new element and bring it to life. At Seattle Custom Framing they understand the importance a piece can hold and give residents throughout Seattle, WA, custom framing options that will preserve and enhance their wall art or photographs.

Owner Molly Boone-Jones has over 20 years of experience in the picture framing industry. As a certified picture frame specialist, she has dealt with a range of pieces from movie posters to certified documents. Known for her eye for detail and design, she enjoys finding the perfect frame for customers and passes her skill on to those she employs.

Whether customers need a custom photo frame for their favorite picture or shadowboxes to display things like butterflies or masks, the employees are dedicated to finding the right frame and color scheme to fit the mood of the piece. From photographs to sports jerseys, movie posters and maps they have done it all and are equipped with the tools to create a piece that will please. They also will repair broken frames, returning them to like new condition and sparing you the expense of an entire new frame.

Let the framing professionals at Seattle Custom Framing conserve and protect what is important for years to come. Contact them today by calling (206) 838-7908, visit their website or like them on Facebook for more information on the types of framing offered.



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"Molly and team did amazing work with our nature prints. The finished product was done really well and they look so great on our wall. We deferred to Molly..."... more
- Brad B. [Yelp, November 12, 2021]
"I found their customer service to be exceptional. I brought a print in that I needed framed within a week since I was leaving on an extended trip. They were..."... more
- Colbert M. [Yelp, September 16, 2021]