If you're designing a new home, you should consider making it multigenerational. To ensure the dwelling accommodates all members of the household, you'll need to discuss the project with a contractor beforehand so that they include the right features in the new home construction. Here are a few reasons to design a house that will put your parents and children under the same roof. 

Why Should You Have a Contractor Build a Multigenerational House?

1. Financial Security

The maintenance for two moderately sized homes can cost considerably more than the upkeep for a single larger home. When you share a single property with your parents or grandparents, you can save on everything from utilities to homeowners insurance, even if they have their own living quarters with all the essentials. This will free up funds for all the adults in the household to take care of other financial responsibilities, such as paying off debt or saving for retirement. 

2. Strong Family Relationships

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When the whole family is under one roof, everyone spends a lot more time together. While a strategic floorplan will allow for privacy, it will also encourage gatherings on a daily basis. 

Even relatives who live in the same town don't spend nearly as much time together as those living in the same house. Your parents can serve as role models for your children, and you can connect with them on a deeper level, too. 

3. Safe Environment

Large, multigenerational properties are rarely left unoccupied. Excluding family vacations, someone will almost always be home. This will make your property much less appealing to criminals, offering extra security for your children and parents. If your parents are capable, they can also provide a hand with childcare to make the process easier for you. As they get older, you can start taking care of them in the comfort of home. 


When you're ready to start designing a multigenerational house, turn to the team at Kim Angel Construction Co. Inc. in High Point, NC. This contractor has provided new home construction for families throughout North Carolina and South Carolina since 1980. They'll use advanced tools and high-quality materials to create a house that supports the comfort and safety of your loved ones. Visit their website to view some of their past work, or call (336) 382-1522 to discuss your new home construction project.