Losing contact lenses in your eyes can be a challenging experience. Though, contrary to popular belief, a lens won’t damage your eyes. You will need to address the issue carefully, however. Below, you’ll find the necessary steps to take to get them out.

How to Remove a Lost Contact Lens

1. Use Saline Drops

Contact lenses can’t move beyond the membrane covers of your eyes, meaning they won’t damage any inner parts. Usually, dry membranes are the reason they’re trapped, and you can use saline drops to resolve the problem. Add drops to your eye, only using products approved by your eye doctor. The saline will loosen the stuck contact lens so it can work its way back to the front of your eye. Never use tap water, as you may introduce bacteria into your eye, leading to an infection.

2. Move Your Lids & Eye

contact lensesAfter using the drops, move your eye around a bit. Lift your eyelid and look in the opposite direction of where you think the contact lens is. For example, if you suspect it’s on the left side of your eye, look to the right. Wash your hands before, and ask a friend or family member to help. If they see the contact, carefully touch it and pull it toward the front of your eye. Pinching it or using fingernails can scratch the surface of your eye. If you’re able to, flip your eyelid inside out to help the contact lens along. Use more saline solution if needed.

3. Speak to Your Eye Doctor

Contact lenses will eventually find their own way out. However, avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent irritation. If you have concerns, call your eye doctor. They can provide additional advice. If needed, schedule a quick exam so they can remove the contact lens and check if there’s any eye damage. 


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