If you are planning to move, packing your boxes properly ensures that everything is organized when you load them into a truck or put them in storage. Careful and strategic packing protects your items and makes the containers easier to haul and unpack. Below are several strategies to help you accomplish this.

How Can You Pack Boxes Properly?

1. Protect Fragile Items 

Without cushioning and insulation, glasses, dishware, and coffee mugs may crack or shatter while in transit. To prevent this, wrap breakable items in plastic cushioning before putting them into boxes. Place plates and dishes on their sides rather than stacking them, as this prevents the built up weight from cracking the ones on the bottom. If you need to stack fragile cups and bowls, line each piece with paper or thin padding to avoid scratches. You can also use dividers to create sections that prevent glass items and stemware from hitting each other.

2. Fill Empty Space

If you don't fill the boxes completely, they may collapse when you stack them in your moving truck or storage area. If you don't want to add more items to fill the container, add packing paper or peanuts to the empty space. Alternatively, use small pillows, oven mitts, or plush toys, as these items will help support the walls and insulate the items inside from impacts.

3. Manage the Weight


Despite packing boxes to the top, they should remain light enough to carry. You can keep their weight reasonable by packing heavier items, such as books, dishware, and small appliances, into individual containers. Medium boxes are ideal for slightly larger items that are not as heavy, including folded linens, children's toys, and DVDs. In the biggest packages, put only your most lightweight belongings, such as pillows and comforters.

4. Seal & Label Boxes

After you finish packing, seal each box with durable tape to protect the contents. This reinforces the structure of the boxes to prevent them from collapsing. First, close the flaps and secure them by following their seam. Then, add a couple of strips of tape perpendicularly to the flaps. Finally, label the contents of each box so you know where to unpack them in your new home. Labeling also allows you to locate anything you need quickly when you want to retrieve it from storage.


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