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7829 W 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

About Avicenna Acupuncture & Lymphedema Clinic

Acupuncture Clinic offering Lymphedema Treatment & Fibromyalgia Care in Denver

Alternative medicine is a treatment option that involves all aspects of the body, mind and spirit to create a more natural and full-body approach to getting you back on track to your health. At Avicenna Acupuncture & Lymphedema Clinic in Denver, CO, the staff believes in providing treatments that encourage a community of healthier individuals. From fibromyalgia to lymphedema, the doctors are devoted to administering pain free treatments in a comfortable environment.

For years, the doctors have promoted a happier and healthier lifestyle for patients through the use of acupuncture treatments for residents in Arapahoe County. As a practice, acupuncture began with the use of traditional Chinese medicine in 100 B.C. This technique uses needles to penetrate and activate the body's natural response system to pain and diseases. Doctors Igor P. Zielinski and Petra E. Schalk are compassionate and dedicated to this approach to pain relief.

As doctors who truly want your pain to be healed, they will listen to your every need and get down to the root cause of the issue so you can experience a life without pain. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Zielinski is a well-known acupuncturist and herbalist with specialty in the fertility field, helping many couples achieve their goal of a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Schalk has over 10 years of experience and is known as one of the top lymphedema specialists in the country.

Let the doctors at Avicenna Acupuncture & Lymphedema Clinic create a treatment plan that uses the body to create a natural healing process. Call them today at (303) 803-0675 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information.


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"I have been working with Igor for just over a month to address fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, and anxiety. Since beginning treatment with Igor 5 weeks ago, I am experiencing significant improvements in all areas. And my overall health feels improved as well! In a world where everything is fast and often uncaring, I am very grateful for Igor's kind, attentive, and calm approach. Thank you!"... more
- Jean Goodwin [Google Business Profile, April 22, 2023]
"I couldn't be happier that I was introduced to Igor. I first met Igor while I was out on medical leave from work for months due to the long-term effects of Covid. I was absolutely miserable and wasn't making any progress. My first visit with Igor made a tremendous difference and I knew I had to continue to come back. I'm 10 visits in and he's helped me not only recover from Covid and get back into a normal life again, but he's also helped me treat a number of long-term injuries that I'm still dealing with. I cannot recommend Igor enough and I'm so grateful that we crossed paths."... more
- Nathaniel Stein [Google Business Profile, April 6, 2023]