Contrary to popular belief, enrolling a child in ballet classes as early as possible is not ideal, because it may put a great physical strain on them. On the other hand, waiting too long into the teenage years might diminish their ability to become a successful dancer. So what is the best age to start ballet lessons? The following guide explores the most and least practical ages for beginners.

When Should Children Start Ballet Classes?

Too Young

Most parents think that starting their child young will allow them to master the basics of ballet early on. While there is truth in this, until a certain age, kids simply aren’t ready for the physical demands of ballet. Younger children tend to have weaker bones and a shorter attention span. Pre-ballet classes are a great option to introduce kids under the age of eight to rhythm, posture, and bare basics.

Ideal Age

balletThe benefits of starting ballet young are innumerable. Youthful minds are far better at retaining new concepts and knowledge, making them ideal for remembering particular positions and movements. Additionally, children are more limber. They’re able to hone their techniques with greater ease, and when they start formal training, they will have plenty of time to improve. Ballet requires strength in specific sets of muscles that take years to build. By the age of eight, most children will have the physical and mental fortitude to begin ballet classes.

Too Old

Late bloomers need to be put in classes that match their abilities rather than their age, meaning they may have to take classes with younger dancers. This can create a sense of inadequacy if they can’t keep up. They might feel as if they need to improve at an unreasonable rate to “catch up” with their age group. Compared to younger children, it might take a bit longer for preteens and teens to increase their flexibility. But with time, dedication, proper training, and practice, there’s still always an opportunity for anyone to learn.


It’s never too late to take ballet classes. Whether your child is a toddler or a teen, they’ll enjoy the programs Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio has to offer. This Licking County, OH, dance school caters to students of all levels, with both private and group instruction available. They’re dedicated to instilling the confidence, skill, motivation, and discipline necessary to thrive in and beyond the world of dance. For more information, call (740) 344-8789 or fill out a contact form online