In December, CAP had our Board Elections and the following individuals were elected to one (1) year terms:   Chairman - Karl Hespeler, Vice-Chairman - Kelly Kearney, Treasurer - Scott McCarthy, Secretary - Ellen Greenberger,  Board Member - Michelle Hespeler, Board Member - Robin Downey,  Board Member - Robert Stillman, Board Member-  Susan Peters, Board Member -  Steven Dewitte.   

Each Member is very talented and collectively brings a wealth of business acumen to our Board. I want to recognize the unique roles that each CAP Board Member plays in advocating for People with Parkinson’s. Our Board Members serve as advisors, problem solvers, and decision-makers to help fulfill CAP’s Mission. It should be noted that they are all volunteers and put in countless hours and CAP benefits every day from their dedicated energy and time. We are lucky to have such dedicated individuals guiding our organization. On behalf of the CAP Community, I want to thank them for their service.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday season. Personally, I love the Holidays, but I’m always glad to start the New Year with a renewed sense of optimism and a fresh set of goals. With the help of our newly elected CAP Board Members, we will be working next year to help fulfill our mission to help fund disease-modifying research initiatives, 

expand outreach initiatives for people with Parkinson’s, promote patient group collaboration, offer wellness and educational opportunities, and promote clinical trial participation.

As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, we rely on the Public’s generosity to support our programs. CAP will have a number of Fundraising events throughout the year. Please support us, so that we can help

Do you know someone who is fighting Parkinson’s?  If so, please have them contact one of our local support groups. Contact information can be found on our website at  If you or a loved one has never attended a CAP support group meeting, we would love to see you there. 

Warm Regards,

Karl C. Hespeler