Whether it’s filtered through a window or provided via a bright lamp, lighting is powerful and affects your mood. Studies have shown that daylighting, which refers to the use of natural light in architecture, improves your mood, productivity, and comfort. It also provides the stimulation necessary to regulate circadian rhythms. It’s no surprise that interior designers often try to bring in natural light with quality windows during home remodeling projects. 

4 Ways Natural Lighting Affects Your Mood

1. It Governs Your Circadian Rhythm

A home that is too dim has an impact on the biological processes that regulate the human sleep-wake cycle, known as the circadian system. You might find yourself feeling more sluggish in a dark room, while a room with plenty of natural sunlight makes you feel brighter and more alert.

2. It Affects Emotions

windows-kailua-kona-hiIt is thought that, since light creates a perception of heat, its intensity in a room triggers humans’ emotional responses. Research suggests that ambient brightness prompts a room’s occupants to feel warmer, which increases the intensity of both positive and negative emotions. For example, someone might feel more attractive in a brightly lit room, or more responsive to verbal compliments.  

3. It Improves Seasonal Depression

People with the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, tend to feel low as the winter days get shorter and the nights longer. Though scientists don’t know the exact cause, studies and reviews have linked SAD to the season’s distinct lack of sunlight. Having plenty of natural light in your home during the day helps to avoid seasonal depression. 

4. It Boosts Worker Productivity

Proper lighting during office design also boosts worker productivity and morale. After analyzing physical and questionnaire data from 95 workstations, one study suggests that a well-lit office (along with proper ventilation, privacy, and acoustics) leads to higher job satisfaction. Results from this study confirmed that window access is important, especially if it provides workers with a pleasant view and adequate natural lighting.


There are several easy ways to bring natural lighting into the home to boost your mood. One of these methods is to install more windows in the home—an area that Tradewind Hawaii Inc in Kailua Kona, HI, will assist with. This locally owned and operated company specializes in custom high-end finishes for new construction and home remodeling projects. Learn more about their line of custom doors and windows online or by calling (808) 329-2310.