According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 2.2 million Americans benefit from the support that a wheelchair offers. But how can you know if this assistive device is right for you? Losing the loss of your legs—either permanently or temporarily—is one of the easiest ways to tell. However, Scott’s Home Health Medical Supply notes that there are other signs that may not be so clear. Dedicated to helping Washington, MO, residents maximize their mobility, this medical equipment store highlights a few reasons you might need a wheelchair.   

3 Reasons to Invest in a Wheelchair

1. Mobility Issues Have Led to Injury

Weak muscles, poor balance, and foot problems are just a few common physical health problems that can decrease a person’s mobility—and increase the risk of a fall accident. While not all falls are hazardous, they can result in hip fractures, brain injuries, or death. If you’ve fallen as a result of mobility issues, being proactive and investing in a wheelchair can help you avoid a more serious injury down the road. While you may not need to rely on the device all the time, it can be helpful to have on hand on those days where you may have trouble maintaining balance.

wheelchair2. You’re Missing Out

When low mobility becomes a regular occurrence, many will withdraw from their social lives to avoid risking injury or exhaustion. But if you’re missing out on going out with friends, visiting with family, or enjoying the outdoors, a wheelchair may be just the thing you need to restore your freedom. While there is a slight period of adjustment, wheelchairs are user-friendly and functional on many different surfaces—making it easier to get out and enjoy the world.

3. Chronic Pain Is Problematic

When health problems—such as arthritis—cause pain in legs, hips, knees, and feet, walking even a short distance can feel unbearable. In some cases, moving around may also cause the pain to become worse. But this discomfort shouldn’t be the reason you have to stay immobile. With a wheelchair to get you from place to place, you can give your joints the rest they need to keep pain from flaring up.

If you believe purchasing a wheelchair could increase your independence, Scott's Home Health Medical Supply can introduce you to a variety of options at some of the most affordable prices. Located in Washington, MO, this medical equipment retailer offers a diverse selection of high-quality wheelchairs that are designed to provide comfort and control. If a wheelchair isn’t the best fit for you, this store stocks many other devices, including walkers and mobility scooters. To learn more about their product selection visit their website. For questions about availability, rental options, or pricing, call a friendly store associate at (636) 239-1210.