Buying a house is an exciting, meaningful venture. It’s also a process that’s highly involved and requires significant prep work. One step you can’t overlook when purchasing a home is running a title search. This process could uncover a variety of issues that may impact your decision to move forward with the sale, including the ones listed in the guide below. 

What You Might Find With a Title Search

1. Unknown Liens

A lien is a claim that provides the issuer with a legal right to whatever assets are listed in the paperwork. This might occur if an old owner failed to pay their loans, or if the home was used as collateral in some kind of agreement. A title search will uncover any active liens against the property, preventing you from a headache down the line if the filer comes to claim their assets once you’ve purchased the property. 

2.  Boundary Disputes

title searchEvery piece of property involves landlines, which show the distinct borders between where one plot of land ends, and the other begins. This information is vital, as it informs you about decisions where you can install amenities like fences, shrubs, trees, hardscaping, and more. If the surrounding property owners ever filed a boundary dispute against the owner of your potential home, a title search will shed light on the issue. 

3. Undiscovered Wills

It isn’t uncommon for people to list pieces of property in their wills. However, if, when they pass away, the courts don’t have access to these documents, the state could unknowingly sell the home. In the event that the will is eventually discovered, the listed beneficiary has a legal right to reclaim the property. A title search will help uncover an unknown will, so you don’t lose your right to the home. 


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