When you have children attending preschool, it’s a smart idea to give them healthy meals and snacks. A healthy diet helps your children develop physically and mentally so that they stay alert, satisfied, and can perform well in pre-kindergarten. Below are a few suggestions for delicious and nutritious foods that your little ones will enjoy.

3 Tips for Feeding a Child in Preschool 

1. Serve Breakfast

A breakfast containing protein and carbohydrates gives toddlers the fuel they need to power their busy mornings. Serve a variety of nutritious foods that are simple to fix, including eggs, cheese melted on toast, cereals with low-fat milk, or yogurt with fresh fruit, such as sliced bananas, apples, or kiwis. 

2. Offer Healthy Alternatives

preschoolWhen preparing meals and snacks, offer your kids healthy options. Whole grain or honey wheat bread provides richer taste and better nutrition than white bread. Instead of buying candy bars, purchase granola bars or make your own trail mix with raisins, nuts, and oat cereal for a healthy yet sweet treat. Bake chicken nuggets with seasoned bread crumbs rather than frying them, and pack fruits and vegetables for preschool such as oranges, pear slices, or baby carrots.    

3. Limit Sugar Intake

Complete elimination of all sweets is unrealistic, but you can limit your children’s sugar intake and help them avoid obesity and type 2 diabetes in later years. Skip sugary sodas and fruit drinks, and offer water and homemade smoothies blended with fruit that’s fresh, frozen, or canned in their own juices instead. To guard against sugar and calorie overload, measure small portions of treats such as cake, cookies, or ice cream before giving them to your children.  


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