When you own an all-terrain vehicle, you're ready to hit the roads, trails, or backcountry whenever the mood strikes. Your ATV tires play a major role in the safety, performance, and drivability of the vehicle, so it only makes sense to take care of these essential features and prolong their life as much as possible. Here's how to get the most out of your tires.

How to Prolong the Life of Your ATV Tires

1. Maintain the Correct PSI

Underinflated tires can cause sidewalls to crack or flex, treads to split, and rims to bend, any of which can lead to total tire failure. Overinflation can compromise the comfort of the ride and accelerate wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of damage during impact. 

For the best results, always maintain the correct psi for your particular type of tires by following the manufacturer's recommendations. While the psi can be different between the front and back sets, the two tires on each horizontal parallel should be the same to avoid pulling, traction issues, and loss of control.

2. Check the Tires After Each Ride

ATV tires

Get in the habit of inspecting your tires after every ride. If possible, store the ATV out of direct sunlight to avoid cracks or deterioration in the rubber. Look for visible signs of damage, like cracks, punctures, and uneven tread wear. Have any issues repaired as soon as possible before taking the ATV out again to prevent a blowout and even more extensive vehicle damage.

3. Choose the Correct Tires

Different ATV tires are designed for different riding conditions. If you take your vehicle out on a variety of terrain and in varying weather conditions, all-terrain tires offer the most comprehensive protection. 

If you prefer trails and sandy areas, choose racing or paddle tires. If you live on a farm or ranch, or in an area that gets a lot of snow or mud, snow tires are a wise investment since they have deeper, more widely spaced lugs to enhance traction.


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