A skylight or sunroof can help your vehicle feel more open and light. However, too much sunlight can also be harmful to the interior of your vehicle. Window tinting allows you to enjoy the benefits of your skylight without any of the downsides. Here are some of the specific benefits of this service to consider.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Skylight Tinted

1. Reduces Interior Wear

An untinted skylight allows UV rays to shine into your vehicle whenever you park outdoors. Over time, those rays can fade the upholstery, dry out leather seats, and even create cracks in the dashboard. Window tinting reduces the number of rays that can get into the vehicle, so it minimizes the impact while you drive and whenever you park in a sunny spot.

2. Cuts Down on Glare

window tintingUnfiltered sunlight through the skylight can also create significant glare for vehicle passengers. Depending on the angle of the sun as you drive, it may be distracting or even uncomfortable for those in the backseat, but tinting can improve visibility no matter how brightly the sun is shining outside.

3. Keeps the Interior More Comfortable

The more sunlight gets into your vehicle, the warmer it’s going to feel. Filtering out some of that light can actually help you keep the car cooler, especially while it’s parked. When you get into the vehicle on a hot summer day, it shouldn’t be quite as sweltering, and your AC can quickly get you to a comfortable driving temperature.


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