While the prospect of moving is often exciting, the logistics of getting furniture, clothing, and other possessions to your new home can be overwhelming. To avoid this unwanted stress and anxiety, hire a professional moving company to make the process easier. Here are a few tips for finding the right business to help with your move.

How to Hire the Perfect Moving Company

1. Vet the Potential Movers

You want to make sure the people you entrust with your possessions are trustworthy and will respect your belongings. Search for potential movers online or through recommendations from friends. Once you have a list, vet them by requesting referrals, reading customer reviews, and asking for proof that they’re fully licensed and insured. 

2. Get an Estimate

Moving companyOnce you narrow down your options, ask them for a detailed estimate of the cost. Most verified moving companies will provide a free estimate by visually assessing what you’re taking or asking about your belongings and how big your current house is. Make sure you also ask them about add-ons like covers and labor costs.

3. Ask About Damage Coverage

When moving, there’s always a small risk that items can be damaged in transit. While the risk can be minimized by packing meticulously, it’s important to understand your mover’s policies in advance. Ask if they cover damages, and what the process is to receive compensation for losses. 


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