Long-distance moving can be an exciting period of change in your life. If you have a teenage child, however, it may come with emotional challenges. If you think your teen will be resistant to the decision, there are a few steps you can take to ease the blow. To help you support your child through this transition, here are a few tips for discussing a move with them. 

How to Talk to Your Teen About a Long-Distance Move

1. Give Advance Notice

Long-distance moving should never come as a surprise for your teen. The more advance notice you can give, the better. This will allow them more time to process their emotions and adjust to the fact that they will be moving away from their friends. Telling them at least a couple of months in advance will allow them to make plans for farewell parties, which may get them more comfortable with the situation. 

2. Let Them Vent

long distance movingFor many teens, moving away from friends is a difficult experience. They may become angry or sad when they hear about your impending move. Let them express their emotions during this conversation. Avoid the impulse to lecture them on why it’s necessary or berate them for their reaction, which will only generate more negative feelings. Let them cry or show their frustration and express your support and sympathy. 

3. Make Them Part of It

After learning about the move, they may have many questions. What will the new town be like? Where will they go to school? Where will you live? Answer these as clearly as you can so your child isn’t surprised. If you aren’t sure, sit down and look up answers with them. If possible, consider visiting the town before your moving day. These steps will make your teen feel like they’re involved in the process, which will give them back some control and work toward helping them accept it. 


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