Moving many miles away is exciting. However, long-distance moving requires a lot of planning to reduce stress. Preparation will make the transition seamless and allow you to focus on settling into your new home. To help you pull this off, here are a few steps to take in the months and weeks leading up to the big day.

3 Ways to Make Long-Distance Moving Easier

1. Create a Schedule

Make a moving calendar to track upcoming responsibilities. Include your last workday, the day your home is available, and the day you’ll drive or fly out to the new city. You can also set deadlines for administrative tasks like updating your driver’s license, forwarding your mail, or turning off your gas and electricity. It’s better to stay organized than to deal with a forgotten errand in the last minute.

2. Pack Properly

long-distance moveIf you’re moving to a smaller home, you may need to downsize. This also facilitates the packing process and reduces moving fees. To accomplish this, make four piles of your belongings: keep, sell, donate, and junk. If an object hasn’t been used in the last year, don’t move with it. A useful way to declutter is to use the popular KonMari method. Also, make sure to label your boxes with information about where they belong or their contents. This will help you find everything you need when you arrive.

3. Learn About Your New Home

Finally, prepare yourself for the change of scenery by learning as much as possible about your new living space and the city and state you’ll be moving to. Get a blueprint of the home to figure out whether your current furniture is compatible. There’s no point in moving a huge table only to find it’s too big for your new kitchen.

Exploring the area when you arrive is more fun if you know where to go. Sites like Google Maps let you simulate walking around a neighborhood, which will help you find restaurants and parks to check out.


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