Although your family may be ready to move onto the next chapter, your cat might not be quite on board. Big changes can be scary for your feline friend, especially when they’re prone to anxiety. Soothing your cat’s nerves before and after the moving service arrives will help them transition. Here are a few effective ways to calm your cat during your move.

How to Make Moving Less Stressful for a Cat

1. Get Them Used to Their Carrier

Even if they are not a fan of it, your cat will need to get cozy with their carrier. Leading up to the move, leave it in an area they spend a lot of time in, keeping the door open. Allow your cat to investigate it on their own. You can also put a trail of treats leading inside to coax them in.

When it’s feeding time, set the bowl in front of the entrance. Gradually place the bowl further into the carrier over the course of a few days, and practice closing the door while your cat is inside.

2. Try to Maintain Your Routine

moving serviceCats feel most comfortable in familiar routines.

While you can’t change or put off the move to maintain yours, you can give your pet the same amount of attention they’re used to. Stick to your normal schedule for meals, cuddles, and playtime as much as possible.

3. Close Them Into One Room

Moving day can be hectic, so it might be difficult to always keep an eye on your cat. With movers going in and out the door, you don’t want to risk having your kitty bolt out.

When the moving service arrives to pack your belongings, keep your cat in an empty room. Make sure you leave them necessities and comfort items, including their food, water, litter box, bed, and toys.

4. Keep Them in Their Carrier

Once you’re ready to relocate, load your cat into the carrier and transport them with you.

Don’t be tempted to let them out before you arrive at your destination, since a nervous cat may use the opportunity to escape. To help put your pet at ease, place their favorite toy in the carrier before you leave.

5. Introduce Them Slowly

When you make it to your destination, the hardest part is over. Now you just need to let your cat get acquainted with the new space.

Only allow them in one part of the home at first, since too many new sensations can be overwhelming. Return to your normal routine and spend lots of time together. Soon enough, your kitty will be ready to explore their new home.


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