Whether you are moving in with a loved one or downsizing your living space, moving can be stressful for a senior. With a home full of memories, it might be emotionally and physically tasking to sort through your belongings to pack for the move. Taking extra time to prepare, asking for help, and hiring a moving service can make the process run more smoothly. Here are more tips to help you stay safe and have a stress free move.

How to Make Relocating as a Senior Easier

1. Declutter Your Home Early

If you take the time to start organizing and decluttering your space early, it can save you the hassle of feeling rushed later. Rushing through the packing process can lead to disorganization, an increased moving fee, and possible injury. Sort through your belongings. Throw out or give away items that you don’t need. If you are moving into a smaller space, keep your new home’s square footage in mind when you are sorting through your belongings. 

2. Label Everything

moving serviceLabeling your boxes will help you stay organized throughout the moving process. Try keeping things that will end up in the same room grouped together. This also makes the unpacking process easier since you and whoever is helping you will know what boxes go into their prospective rooms. 

3. Stay Safe

Be aware of how heavy a moving box is before you try to lift it. Try setting a weight limit or an item limit to ensure that your boxes are never too heavy to lift. If you need to move furniture, wait for your moving service to assist you with professional equipment like a dolly. Moving day can be hectic, but don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat to replenish energy.


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