When it comes to moving, the destination is usually more enjoyable than the journey. While packing and transporting small boxes is generally manageable, furniture can be a different story. Fortunately, movers can do the heavy lifting for you. Learn more about a few steps you can take beforehand to ensure a smooth transition.

A Guide to Preparing Furniture for Moving

What should I do to protect my furniture?

It’s essential to wrap furniture to protect it from scratches, nicks, and tears. Movers typically use a special packing blanket, though they may also cover items such as armchairs and sofas with a sheet or plastic tarp. Bubble wrap or plastic foam sheets are typically used for fragile wood pieces and those with glass, such as mirrors. Movers may also use corrugated cardboard to provide extra cushion for glass pieces.

Should I dismantle pieces first?

moversDismantling furniture, especially larger or uniquely shaped pieces, can make them significantly easier to move. This can reduce the risk of injury and damage, and it may help the moving team pack the truck more efficiently. Typically, movers can take care of the dismantling and reassembly for you.

Should I clean items?

Small bits of debris can scratch furniture in the moving process. Be sure to dust and clean before you wrap pieces up. Taking a few minutes for this task can also reduce the amount of dirt in your new home. Be sure to remove all items from drawers and pack them in boxes as well. 

How can I make setup easier in the new home? 

To make the transition into your new home seamless, make a plan for the space ahead of time. While certain pieces will go into the same rooms as before, such as beds and dining tables, you might want to rearrange other items to make your new house more comfortable and functional. Draw a blueprint of where you want big furniture items and let the movers know before they unpack the truck.


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