Packing up your entire house for a move is a major project, but few areas are as daunting as the bathroom. While these are often the smallest rooms in the house, bathrooms are also usually full of tiny objects, each of which has to be packed carefully to avoid spills and breakage. Below are a few ways to make packing your bathroom before the movers arrive as easy and stress-free as possible.

A Guide to Packing Your Bathroom

1. Sort First

Over time, most bathrooms collect tiny, unused objects that crowd drawers and medicine cabinets while sitting for years on the back of the shelf. Before it’s time to pack, spend some time sorting through the cupboards and cabinets in the bathroom.

Travel toiletries, hair care products you didn’t like, and other unwanted items can be thrown out. However, expired medication should be taken back to the pharmacy or another approved site for safe disposal.

2. Pack Rarely Used Items Early

moversOne of the problems with packing the bathroom is your family needs toiletries, toothbrushes, and shampoo right up until the movers arrive. However, you can pack away decorations, extra bath towels, and some cleaning supplies before moving day. The daily toiletries and other essential items can usually be put off until the last minute.

2. Be Careful With Liquids

No one wants to find spilled nail polish or shampoo when they unpack their boxes, so take the time to pack these items carefully. Use small boxes to separate the medicines, toiletries, and other items, and line each container with packing paper. Putting a piece of plastic wrap under the lid of each bottle can help prevent spills and catastrophes while your items are in transit.


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