Moving all of your belongings into a new home can be challenging, especially if you have many delicate items. Aquariums are difficult to transport because they contain living fish and sometimes hundreds of gallons of water. If you’re concerned about transporting your aquarium, use this guide to prepare for the movers and keep your fish and tank safe.

How to Move Your Aquarium to a New Home

Before Moving

Before the movers arrive, prepare necessary items such as a fishnet, plastic bags, large buckets, bubble wrap, and a siphon hose. These items will be needed during and after the move. Collect what you need the day before the move, so if you’re missing anything, you won’t have to make last-minute purchases during the process. This can set back the moving day schedule.

On Moving Day

MoversOn the day of the move, it’s time to prepare your fish. Smaller fish can be placed into plastic bags containing tank water, while larger fish need to be placed into large buckets with tank water.

Once the fish are safely transferred, use a siphon hose to drain the remaining water from the tank. This water should be saved in separate buckets with lids. After the water has been siphoned, thoroughly clean the tank and wrap it with protective bubble wrap.

After Moving

When you have arrived at your new home, do not wait too long to set up your tank. It is better to return the fish back to the tank as soon as possible. To ensure that your fish are safe in their new environment, check the water temperature, pH, chlorine, and ammonia levels before adding them. 


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