Devoting a few days to each room in your house will make packing for a move less overwhelming. Although you should have most possessions boxed for movers at least a full day before you relocate, there are some items you’ll need up until the morning you move. Before you get started packing, set aside a few boxes for the items you should pack last. 

3 Items to Pack Last When Moving

1. Bedding

Tacoma-Washington-moversYou’re bound to be cranky and irritable on moving day if you don’t get plenty of rest the night before. A lack of sleep can add unnecessary stress to an already hectic day.

Sleep with your regular blankets, pillows, and comforters. If you’ve already disassembled the bed frame for movers, use the mattress on the floor. In the morning, you can fold bedding and put it in a box or suitcase to take with you.  

2. Toiletries

You’ll want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the day ahead, so don’t pack your toiletries until you’ve finished your morning routine. Dental hygiene products, towels, shampoos, shower gels, medications, and other essential toiletries should be packed away last.

People will likely need to use the bathroom up until moments before you leave. Keep a roll of toilet tissue, a bar of soap, and paper towels in the bathroom, and grab it before you head out.

3. Pet Supplies

Put the animals in a closed-off room until you’re ready to leave to prevent them from getting underfoot. Keep them entertained by placing a few of their favorite toys in the room. Set aside a box to pack their toys, food and water dishes, leashes, and other essential pet supplies.


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