One of the biggest responsibilities when moving is making sure that your belongings are safely packed and ready for the journey to your new home. Appliances are especially vulnerable because they’re large, unwieldy, and difficult to pack properly. If you’re moving with your appliances, use these tips to ensure that they’re ready when the movers arrive.

How to Prepare Appliances for Moving

1. Request Precise Instructions

Packing and moving items such as dishwashers and refrigerators is not always straightforward. In most cases, it’s not safe for homeowners to attempt these tasks on their own.

Contact the manufacturer of each appliance to find out the most appropriate way to prepare it for the movers. You should also discuss your plans with the moving company before the big day.

2. Prepare the Refrigerator

moversThe day before the movers arrive, unplug the refrigerator. Make sure that it’s completely empty and clean so that you don’t risk potential spills while in transit.

Be sure to wipe down the freezer after it defrosts to prevent mold and mildew growth and detach and drain the water line if there’s an ice maker. Pull removable shelves and racks out and pack them separately.

3. Clean the Dishwasher

After emptying the dishwasher, remove the utensil holder and pack it separately to prevent it from jostling around in the unit. You can also use this opportunity to wipe down the inside and outside and run a final cycle before the moving team arrives.

You’ll also need to disconnect and drain the hoses. Then tape the door securely closed, so there’s no threat of it coming open.

4. Check the Stove

Clean the stove, paying special attention to grease stains, which will pick up dirt and grime if left behind. If it’s a gas stove, contact your gas company for assistance disconnecting the line. Tape down the appliance’s various parts, including the knobs and heating elements, to prevent them from coming off.

5. Secure the Cords

Dangling cords can make it difficult to move appliances. An appliance can be damaged if the cord is accidentally pulled or broken. To prevent this, use packing tape to adhere the cord securely to the back of the appliance.


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