Moving is an intricate process, and packing a vital part of it. Organizing and protecting your items before the movers arrive is a necessary step to ensure everything arrives safely at your new home. Unfortunately, many homeowners make common mistakes when filling their boxes. Below are a few packing errors to avoid during your relocation.

What Are the Common Mistakes People Make When Packing for a Move?

1. Making Heavy Boxes

Whether you or the movers are handling it, the heavier the box is, the harder it will be to transport. When a box is overpacked, it is in danger of breaking and damaging your belongings. Avoid creating boxes that weigh more than 40 pounds and spread out heavier items over different containers to balance weight.

2. Labeling Incorrectly

moversLabeling is beneficial when you arrive in your new space, helping you find what you need more easily and making the unpacking process more organized. While some people use a marker to scrawl the contents on the top, there is a better way to approach this step.

Use a white label that’s at least 2 inches in height and a black marker. Place it on the side of the box so that when items are stacked, you can still easily read what’s inside.

3. Using Plastic Bags

Throwing a few items in a plastic bag seems like a harmless decision, especially when packing last-minute. However, they won’t protect your belongings. Stick with cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins that are durable. Unlike flimsy bags, containers that stack safely won’t crash or fall if items are jostled around inside the moving truck.

4. Not Taking Apart Large Items

Heavy furniture items can be cumbersome to move, but most pieces can be dismantled before transport. Even if you have professional movers who know how to handle items of all weights and sizes, consider disassembling pieces into more manageable sections. Moving companies can also help with this step if you aren’t sure how to properly perform the task.

5. Packing Fragile Items Incorrectly

Glass, porcelain, and other fragile items will easily break if they’re not packed and padded correctly. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap and use cardboard dividers between all breakable items. Fill empty space in boxes with packing material—like foam peanuts or paper—to keep valuables from knocking against each other during the move. Mirrors and similar items should be wrapped in cloth. Protect sharp corners with cardboard or felt, as well.


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