Moving with delicate or valuable items can be challenging, sometimes even with the help of a moving company. Although the process is difficult, it's not impossible. Use the following guide to explore notoriously tricky household items to handle during a move and tips for how to pack them. 

What Are the Most Difficult Home Items to Transport During a Move?

1. Plants

While plants may not initially seem difficult to move, temperature fluctuations, poor air circulation, and broken pots can cause them to become stressed or even die. Move each plant into plastic or nursery pots several weeks before your move. Wrap the ceramic or decorative pots in bubble wrap or packing paper to reduce the risk of breaking during the relocation.

Transport the plants in your own vehicle to keep them away from the extreme temperatures that can occur in the back of a moving truck. This will allow you to control the temperature to keep plants healthy and will protect them from shifting or falling over.

2. Artwork

Artwork, such as paintings and framed portraits, can be tricky to move. In many cases, these pieces hold sentimental value and may be irreplaceable. Ensure your pieces are safe during transit by wrapping them first in paper, and then bubble wrap. Secure the frames by placing cardboard around the edges or corners.

moving companyMany moving companies offer artwork-specific boxes to promote safe transport. Place art pieces in these boxes and include packing peanuts or a similar filling to cushion items and prevent them from shifting. Lightweight and smaller pieces can be secured together in one box once they've been individually wrapped.

3. TVs

If you're working with a moving company, unplug and organize any external cords, and place them beside the TV set before movers arrive. If you still have it, you can pre-pack the TV in its original packaging. The TV’s box, protective sleeve, and foam were designed to protect the body and the screen.

If you no longer have it, wrap the screen in a moving blanket or similar padding that will help reduce scratches and protect it from impact. Secure mover’s plastic around the blanket and place the television into a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts or a comparable foam filler. 


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