When you combine freshly baked bread, tasty spreads, and high-quality deli meats, the result is a satisfying, delicious sandwich. As the most flavorful part of the meal, the meat is arguably the toughest component to choose. The next time you visit your deli, consider one of these popular cuts to put on your sandwiches.

The Best Meats for Sandwiches

1. Turkey

deli meatWhether you prefer your turkey shaved or sliced, this lean meat is a healthy food choice for the whole family. Transform your next turkey sandwich by adding sliced apples and sharp cheddar cheese.

2. Ham

Deli ham is cured pork leg. You might associate this classic deli meat with mayonnaise, but ham’s characteristic salty flavor also pairs wonderfully with rich, tangy flavors like gouda and brie cheese.

3. Beef

Deli beef is sliced thin from the “silverside” cut, which is located on the top of the cow’s upper hip. Upgrade your next roast beef sandwich with caramelized onions and a dash of horseradish.

4. Chicken

Chicken deli meat is tasty, versatile, and lean, which makes it another excellent choice for your entire family. Pair it with whole-grain mustard, your favorite toppings, and rye bread for a tangy, flavorful lunch.

5. Salami

Cooked salami offers an entire world of flavorful possibilities for your next sandwich. Try a Spanish-style variety, like Pavolami smoked salami, with a creamy cheese spread to complement the meat’s natural saltiness.


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