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211A Amauulu Rd., Hilo, HI 96720

About Acupuncture By Sarah West

Combining traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for centuries with the modern skills of today to provide relief for the root cause of the issue, acupuncture is an effective option for a holistic, non-medicated approach to your care when you are suffering from pain and unable to get relief. At Acupuncture by Sarah West they use this technique and others to provide clients in Hilo, HI, with the pain relief they need to change their outlook and life.   

Sarah West stays on top of the latest techniques in the field to offer treatment for internal disorders, pressure caused by stress and extreme pain as a result of injury. Her 35 years of experience in the industry enables her to provide solutions for patients. From her expertise in acupuncture to herbal medicine that treats for internal disorders, patients will receive individualized treatment to get the relief needed to life pain-free lives.   

To get the relief you need for your pain, visit the Opencare Patients’ Choice award winning Acupuncture by Sarah West. Call today at (808) 969-1155 to learn more about their acupuncture services or visit the website for more information.



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