It’s not always easy to recognize when your cat is in pain. These animals are extremely skilled at hiding their emotions and will keep quiet even when they’re feeling excessive levels of discomfort. Fortunately, there are several indicators that you can watch out for that reveal the need for a pet doctor. Take a closer look at the following to ensure that they receive the care that they deserve. 

How Do You Know if Your Cat Is in Pain?

1. Behavioral Changes

If a cat isn’t feeling that great, then there’s a chance that they’ll begin to fall out of their routine. This could include sleeping for longer periods of time or constantly shifting about in search of a more comfortable position. They may also appear reluctant to move, whether it’s for food or playtime. It might just be a passing thing, so keep an eye on them to monitor any changes. 

2. Less Grooming

pet doctor

Cats are usually meticulous about their cleaning habits. However, those that are experiencing a level of discomfort could have a limited range of motion. If it reaches a certain extent, then it might reduce their flexibility or stop their grooming altogether. 

This could result in their coat developing a matted appearance, with visible patches around the areas that hurt. Check on them throughout the week to determine when to take them to the pet doctor.

3. Facial Expressions

The resting face of a cat is the perfect picture of peace. Their muscles become completely relaxed, sometimes to the point where their mouth opens and lets a small portion of their tongue peek out. 

If they’re dealing with a level of pain, then there’s a chance that they’ll develop a temporary grimace. The nose might wrinkle slightly and their lips may pull back to show the tips of their teeth, which could be a sign that it’s time for treatment. 


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